The following lesson comes from:

It is basic and will show you how to introduce yourself.  It is very simple and if you follow the guideline you will not go wrong.

Greetings and introductions in English

Basic greeting and introductions and responses

This English lesson you will learn how to ask someone for there full name and what to ask  them if you don’t understand what they are saying.

Greeting and introducing yourself

Hello, my name is John, what is your name?

Hi John my name is Jane pleased to meet you.Greeting someone and asking them there name

Hello, I’m Peter what is your name?

Hello, my names Sarah nice to meet you.

Can you tell me your name please?

my name is John Smith, pleased to meet you.

What if I don’t understand them?

Teacher:-  Please tell me your name?

Student:-  my name is Boris Jones.

Teacher:- Am sorry I don’t understand, please repeat it slowly for me

Student:-  B – o – r –  i – s     J – o – n – e – s

**Hint if you still don’t understand what they are saying ask them to spell it **

Teacher:- Am sorry I still don’t  understand, please spell it for me

Student:-  B – o – r –  i – s     J – o – n – e – s

Teacher:- Thank you.

Greetings and responses

Learning about basic greetings and introductions English lesson

A conversation between two people

Can you tell me your full name please?  My full name is John Pilkington

I’m sorry , what was your last name again?  My last name is Pilkington.

 Am sorry I don’t understand. Could you please repeat it more slowly for me?  P – i – l – k – i – n – g – t – o – n.

How do you write that? Could you spell it please?  P – i – l – k – i – n – g – t – o – n.

And could you tell me your first name please?  John

Pardon? John – J-o-h-n.

Can you tell me your telephone number please?   8- 2-2-3-2-7-1-9.

Thank you John for your time. You’re welcome I hope to hear from you soon.

Remember these words

Thank you               Please               excuse me

The words in red are considered to be polite, if these words were not included depending on the tone of your voice you might come across as rude,it is best to be polite at all times.

he Online English dictionary – English lesson

Some you tube videos :



Now can you go home and practise an English conversation.  Good luck.


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