Hi.  Just a brief review of Phrasal, Modal and Stative verbs.

Remember these?

Phrasal verbs are the verbs which have prepositional or adverbial phrases after the verb

e.g. Stand up

Sit down.

Pick up

Modal verbs are associated with possibility, ability, permission  or necessity and have to be used with another verb.  Some modal verbs are can, could,may, might, will , would, must, shall,should etc.

Stative verbs are verbs that do not depict action.  They show states that last for a time and not just for a minute or so.

Maybe you can write a list of all 3 verbs and check them online to see whether you are correct.  Good luck.   Tomorrow I will continue with tenses.  We have done the simple present and the present continuous so tomorrow I will start with the simple past tense.



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