What is a stative verb?

It is not a doing word but rather it describes a “state” i.e. a state that lasts for some time, not just for the moment. Verbs like like, love, hate, want, need, hear and see are examples of stative verbs.  These verbs are not normally used in the continuous form for example we do not say:

I am loving you

I am hating you

I am liking you.

These verbs are different from dynamic or action verbs e.g. buy, eat, swim.

Here are some you tube videos to help you understand stative verbs:


Here is a list of stative  verbs from http://www.perfect

Stative (or State) Verb List

like know belong
love realise fit
hate suppose contain
want mean consist
need understand seem
prefer believe depend
agree remember matter
mind recognise see
own appear look (=seem)
sound taste smell
hear astonish deny
disagree please impress
satisfy promise surprise
doubt think (=have an opinion) feel (=have an opinion)
wish imagine concern
dislike be have
deserve involve include
lack measure (=have length etc) possess
owe weigh (=have weight)

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