Hello.  Good morning.  I will continue to use orange blossoms as my default picture from now on as I find it so beautiful and it saves me from trying to find pretty pictures every morning.  Hope you enjoy seeing the blossoms.

Today I would like to continue with phrasal verbs.

Here is a Youtube link on phrasal verbs.

I guess I can post this as I saw this note at the bottom of the video.
Published on Jun 18, 2014

Download this video (with mp3 version and full transcript) in a special collection of Master English Conversation 2.0 lesson sets available here →…

Here is another one which says  share so I guess it is all right to put on my blog.

By looking at videos you can practise your listening skills and you can always rewind the video if you do not understand what you hear.

Enough for today.  See you tomorrow.


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