Today is Spring Bank holiday in England.  Here is a good exercise for you.  Try and find out what is a bank holiday and why is there a Spring bank holiday.  Well, I think that you know a lot about the Present tense.  However, today I would like to do the present continuous tense.

We use the present continuous tense for things which are happening now, at the moment of speaking.

e.g. I am eating bread and butter now.

you do not say

I eat bread and butter now.

or.  I am swimming every day.  We say

I swim every day as it is something which I do every day.

To summarize:

We use the present continuous tense:

  1. for events taking place now.
  2. for temporary conditions.

Compare this to the simple present tense.  We did this last week.  Can you do a graph writing when you use each tense.  Tomorrow I will give you a graph and you can compare your graph with mine.  See you tomorrow.  I am going to enjoy my bank holiday today.  In fact there are other countries which are celebrating a holiday today.  Enjoy yours whatever you are doing.




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