Hi everyone.  Another beautiful Thursday.  How are you all.  It is almost the weekend so everyone should be smiling.  Another beautiful landscape.


I am just going to review when you use the present tense.   I posted this yesterday but there is no harm in doing it again.  The present tense is used to denote:

  1. Routine – to show that this is part of what you do on a daily/weekly basis
  2. Habits- to show that this action is a habit
  3. Permanent – to show that the action is permanent e.g. Dogs bark.
  4. Fact – to show that the action is a fact of life e.g. Rain falls from above.

I hope that this makes it clearer.  However, if the action has taken place in the past then the tense becomes the past tense.  But, more of this next time.

You can go to these websites to help you:





It might be a good idea to keep these links on your iphone so that you can access them whenever you want.

Have a great day. ‘Bye.




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