One of the greatest loves of my life are flowers.  I just adore flowers, flowers from everywhere.  It is my passion.  I also love the French Impressionists especially Monet.  I will try and introduce a painting every day for you to appreciate it.  Today I will continue with a bit of grammar, a continuation from yesterday, from my book.  Hope that you enjoy it and can learn something from it.

I will review Nouns.  So here goes!!



What is a Noun?

A Noun is the name of a person, place, animal or thing.

There are CONCRETE nouns which  are the names of persons, places, animals or things.  They are things that you can touch, see, smell, taste or feel.

These can be proper nouns, for example, the names of people and places and they all begin with a Capital letter or upper case letter.

The others are common nouns which are written with a lower case letter.

There are also ABSTRACT nouns which you cannot see, smell, taste or feel.  You know it is there but you cannot interact with it.

Proper Nouns : London,   Paris,


Jane, Paul (names of people)

Common Nouns :  dog, cat, table, chair, pen, pencil

Abstract Nouns : trust, deceit, hope, beauty, anger – things which we cannot see, feel, touch or smell

Collective Nouns : these are names given to a group of nouns to identify them as a whole e.g. a class of students, a gaggle of geese, a choir of singers, an army of soldiers

You can make a list of the different types of nouns which you see around you.


See you tomorrow.



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