Spring day in Albacete (Spain)

Good morning and a very happy Wednesday to you all, working people and students.  I have decided to use some excerpts from my book.  Here is the link again.


A new English book,  “Basic English Conversation for Beginners”,  which is available on Kindle now. Please check it out!!!


This book is intended for students who are learning English as a second language.  It is for students who wish to improve their English and so be able to function in an English-speaking country.  It is not intended to be a grammar book but of course there are important points of grammar to help students.  The book focuses on topics which students will encounter when they visit English-speaking countries.

Since this is the focal point of students wanting to improve their spoken English, I will begin by going through basic points of grammar from my book.

Before you start learning to speak English, an important tip to remember is to say:

‘Excuse me, please.’ ‘Pardon me.’ ‘I do not understand.’ ‘Can you please repeat?’

instead of saying ‘WHAT!!!?’ when you do not understand what the speaker is saying.

It is much more polite.  Try saying:  ‘Excuse me, please.’

Great, you have made a start.


  • You will learn how to pronounce the alphabet.
Aa ay   Nn en
Bb bee   Oo o
Cc cee   Pp pee
Dd dee   Qq cue
Ee i   Rr ar
Ff ef   Ss ess
Gg gee   Tt tee
Hh aitch   Uu u
Ii ai   Vv vee
Jj jay   Ww double u
Kk kay   Xx ex
Ll el   Yy wy
Mm em   Zz Zed


 Of course, I would reiterate that there is nothing like speaking with a native speaker.  I cannot stress this too strongly.  I have met so many students who know their grammar perfectly but cannot say a sentence in English.  Beware of this.  Keep practising your spoken English.  Good luck.  More tomorrow.




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