As an English-speaking person I have not truly understood the difficulties that a non-English speaking person encounters when they travel abroad.  I always feel that I can make myself understood because I can always find someone who speaks or understands some basic English.  English has become so important nowadays that more and more people are opting to learn English.  In fact in some companies English is a requirement as they do business with English-speaking countries and it it the only medium of communication.  Take for example you are talking to colleagues in Brazil, India, Russia etc.  The only form of communication is English so the demand for English is now overwhelming.

Have you tried carrying on a conversation in English to members of your family?  The look on their faces might be one of astonishment but do not let that worry you.  Keep practising.  The look on the faces in the picture above shows that the people are trying to understand what the speaker is saying.  You can practise in front of your mirror in your bedroom and on any of your friends.

Of course it is much easier speaking in your mother tongue.  I myself grew up bi lingual and I have to admit I think better in English.  However, to become proficient in English you need to practise.  You can learn your grammar but unless you practise with a native English speaker your English will not improve as well as it should.

Good luck! Have a lovely weekend.


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