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Leonardslee Gardens: Woodland Walks For a few weeks in May of each year, Leonardslee Gardens in West Sussex, UK, erupt into a spectacular display of the most amazing color combinations of flowering rhododendrons and azaleas. The green, wooded valley gardens then turn into a place of vibrant colors and outstanding natural beauty. Filled with the scent of the massed azalea plantings the whole area becomes a forest paradise. Visitors have often described its beauty and tranquility as being like ‘heaven on earth’. For many years, tens of thousands of visitors have enjoyed the ‘picture postcard’ qualities of this Grade 1 historic garden. Unfortunately, the gardens are now closed to the public as they have been sold to an international businessman.  Details: Leonardslee Gardens is a truly outstanding English landscape garden having a Grade 1 Historic Garden status (English Heritage Register). It covers about 240 acres (97 Hectares) in a wooded valley, contains seven lakes and is extensively planted with azaleas, ancient rhododendrons (some well over 100 years old), acers and camellias - all with a delightful under planting of bluebells in spring. The great Victorian plant collector, Sir Edmund Loder (who gave his name to the large flowered and scented Loderi Rhododendron Hybrids) purchased the estate in 1889 and planted large numbers of Rhododendrons there. Sir Giles Loder later planted an extensive collection of camellias at Leonardslee. The estate remained in the hands of five generations of the Loder family until 2010 when it was sold to an international businessman. However, the Loder Rhododendron nursery was not sold and is still in business. Location: Leonardslee Gardens, Lower Beeding, Horsham, West Sussex, England, RH13 6PP, UK.  UK Map references: OSGB36 Grid ref:: TQ220259: Map tile ref: TQ22NW40  Links:  A more detailed  history of Leonardslee Gardens is available on Wikipe

Leonardslee Gardens: Woodland Walks

Hello all.  Good morning.  It’s Monday, start of the week.  First, can you tell the difference between “It’s” and “Its” ?

It’s means It is.  You put an ‘ if a letter is missing- in this case “i” is missing and we put an apostrophe to show that a letter is missing.

“Its” denotes possession.

e.g. The cat is licking its tail.

Well enough of this.

If you want to improve your English and have not done anything about it, please go to my Welcome page and you can get in touch with me following the instructions.  I would be very pleased to talk to you.  It is all well and good to learn grammar but you will need to speak to a native English speaker who will correct your pronunciation and guide you through the niceties of the language.  Speak to you soon.



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