Today I am going to talk about the differences between British and American English.  Everybody knows that there is a difference between the British and American accent.  Some people prefer the British accent while others prefer the American.  There is also a difference in the spellings of some words and the vocabulary.  I am going to copy a website which shows the difference in vocabulary.  I remember teaching on a British island which was very American oriented and the students would shout at me “WWHHAATT? when I said things like “felt tips” which they called “markers” and “lorry” which they called truck”.  They laughed when I said “have a shower” as they said “get a shower”.  There are slight differences but it does not stop you from understanding what the speaker is saying.  Here is the website which you can peruse.

British and American Vocabulary

Clothes Parts of a Car
At School In and around the House
On the Road People
Buildings / Shops Sport
Let’s Eat! Other Words
British and American Spellings Test Yourself

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