As all the pictures in my gallery, this is a FREE picture. You can download it and do whatever you want with it: share it, adapt it and/or combine it with other material and distribute the resulting works. I’d very much appreciate if you give photo credits to “Carlos ZGZ” when you use this picture. This would help me find it and add it to my photoset “Used elsewhere”. __ Como todas las imágenes de mi galería, esta es una imagen LIBRE. Puedes descargarla y hacer lo que quieras con ella: compartirla tal cual, modificarla y/o combinarla con otro material y distribuir el resultado. Por favor, si utilizas esta imagen, dale el crédito a “Carlos ZGZ”. De esta manera podré encontrarla fácilmente y añadirla a mi álbum “Used elsewhere”.


What is a Saturday child like?
Saturday’s child works hard for a living,

Oh dear.  As if working is not bad enough.  Why does Saturday’s child have to work hard for a living?

Have you all studied Nouns and Verbs?


Next week I will do adjectives.

What are you planing to do today?

Here are some ideas.

i.    Have a lie-in.

ii.   Do house work.

iii.   Go shopping.

iv.   Enjoy yourself.

v.   Go to a museum/art gallery.

vi.  Meet friends.

vii Go cycling, like the girl in the picture.

Whatever you do enjoy yourself.


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