Today is Friday.

What is Friday’s child like?

Friday’s child is loving and giving.

I think that Friday’s child’s personality is great.


Giving here means generous.

Oh!  to have been born on Friday.

Who is not happy today?

I certainly am.  For me, it is the start of the weekend.

What are you planning to do tomorrow?  Lie in and get up late, then start partying?

Before you do that, have a thought about Nouns.  Do you remember what nouns are?

Well today we will go on to verbs.

What is a verb.

I always learnt that a verb is a doing word.  However, there is more to verbs than just being a word of action.  It also expresses a mental action and a state of being.


I dance – an action

I think – mental action

He is tall- state of being

Here is a rap song on you tube on verbs



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