What is Tuesday’s child like?

Tuesday’s child is full of grace,

What does “full of grace” mean?

Can you work it out?

It means a polite and pleasant way of behaving or full of good manners.

If you were born on a Tuesday can you see yourself as being “full of grace”?

I said earlier on that I would post points of grammar each day and I intend to do that.  It might be just a little point of grammar but it would be something that you can learn.

What about appropriate language?  THis is something that bothers me a lot.  What should we or shouldn’t we say in company?

As teachers we do get frustrated sometimes.  I am sure that not many of us shout out “Shut up” to our students.  It is not a very nice expression to use to anybody.  The more polite expression would be

“Do be quiet”

“Can you be quiet please?”

“Please be quiet”

“Would you mind being quiet”

Those are much more polite ways of asking someone to be quiet.


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